Explore your body

Entertaining content gives you a fun way to explore your body and learn new ways to enhance pleasure. Talk to Leika using natural language to practise communicating saying what you want in the bedroom.

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Who are we

Sex is often an uncomfortable topic. One that carries with it — regardless of gender — a wealth of shame, stigma, and taboo. We’ve been on a mission to better understand how we can use emerging technologies to improve pleasure and sexual well-being. In doing so, we’ve found ourselves in an industry ripe with innovation, underserved consumers, and a growing emphasis on sexual self-care. We are a team of 3 who are coming from a London based Accelerator called ZincVC. We have just raised a large early stage funding round from Venture Capital and Angel investors and launched our first beta for iOS

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Why us?

  • First and foremost we are purpose driven. ZincVC set us the mission of improving the mental and emotional health of 650 million women. We spent a long time with our heads in research papers and talking to women to understand the problem. It’s at the heart of everything we do. If you really want to help a huge amount of people with your skill set, then you’re aligned with our team.
  • We are a VC backed, fully funded, concept stage startup. This gives you the security you'd find in a larger company with the speed, experimentation and fun of a concept stage startup
  • We offer a competitive startup salary + equity
  • You'll be working in a small team, helping to shape the culture and make new hires
  • You will have the freedom to work remotely. The amount is dependant on who you are, how you work and what you’re looking for
  • The most important thing to us is your mental, emotional and physical health. This means different things to different people. As one of our first hires, you will work with us to shape the benefits we can offer you and the culture we all work in. We want you to be as influential in this as possible!